Internationally published & Multi award winning Makeup Maven Julie Coulombe is one of Canada’s most well respected Makeup artists with over 15 years of experience in her field. Her work can be seen in numerous Fashion/Beauty publications throughout the world and her unique touch is left with every client she transforms. Julie is regularly interviewed /featured in various magazines and has had several of her written articles published as well. She was named Canadian Makeup Artist of the year twice by both Canadian Hairdresser and Salon Magazine and continues to excel as one of the top experts in her field.
Having commenced her career at a very young age; Julie was sought out and represented by an artist’s agency and working amongst industry professionals with no formal training at the time. She continued on to obtain numerous certifications/diplomas in her field including an honours degree in Cosmetic Management, and Certifications in both Holistic Aesthetics and Advanced Airbrushing to name a few.
Today, Julie continues to create magic with her shadows and gloss as a Pro Beauty Educator / Artist for various schools/brands. She is also the creator of shestoomuch; an innovative beauty services company focused on impeccable beauty standards and inspiring makeup workshops for all levels.
-”To some; it’s just blush and gloss but to me it is magic. My real goal is to allow every woman the chance to maximize her full beauty potential. It’s all about bringing women together to share, laugh and simply be girls in my workshops. Makeup has to be fun – it has to bring out that little princess in each and every one of us. It’s about playing dress-up. It’s about freedom. It’s about creativity and individuality. Makeup can allow us to bond…to tell a unique story. It is a pallet of colourful choices that allows each of us the ability to create endless possibilities. It’s not just about feeling pretty on the outside but most importantly about feeling beautiful on the inside.”

Only high quality services executed with impeccable standards and meticulous detail are offered through shestoomuch. Multi Award winning and fully certified high end workmanship in every service is what makes us unique. Julie’s commitment to excellence shines through with her numerous industry awards and over 15 years of experience in the field of beauty. Her pledge to client satisfaction and unwillingness to compromise quality is second to none.

Please see below for some of our current and upcoming services. Keep in mind that if you have a special request that you do not see here; contact us to see what we can do to accommodate your needs.

Most services can also be offered on location. Please contact us for pricing.

-High Quality Makeup services offered but not limited to the following areas:


-Other Beauty Services also available:

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